Tuesday, 24 August 2010

FaBuloUs - GEt oFf My ClOud

Fabulous were a British prank rock band formed in 1991 by NME journalist Simon Dudfield (aka) Spence (singer) and NME photographer Martyn Goodacre (guitar). The original line up included Russell Underwood (guitar), Kieron "Ronnie Fabulous" Flynn (bass) and Robert "Hodge" Hodges (drums).
This is their first (and only) rock video, filmed on the roof of a pub in Docklands and at the Town and Country Club in 1993. The video producer was paid £500 for the video but it turned out that the band were given £17,000 by their management for the project. They spent the money on drugs, clothes and loose women (and men). The rest was just wasted. As were Fabulous most of the time.

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  1. Hey, just found this blog and it's really pleased me to discover that the band haven't been completely forgotten. I don't suppose you've got the mythical 'Produced by Kylie' album that you could upload, please?